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He was rushed to a hospital in the city but later died of his wounds. Omri Tal, 22 - Yehud; Staff Sgt. The plan was to conceal one kidnapped Israeli in Marwan Qawasme's barbershop in Hebron, then transfer him to Marwan's aunt's vacant house.

Adam gilad

The attacker, a year old Palestinian, was killed as well. Shortly after his first divorce, he returned to the dating market and created his first book Net2Bed after realizing the ease with which he could meet women online.

Adam gilad

Adam gilad

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  1. Weeks after his death, security camera footage was released, cleatly demonstrating that Koutineh deliberately rammed his car into Sherki and his girlfriend.

    The money financed the purchase of three M rifles, a jeep, and the Israeli car, which was bought from a used-car dealer in Hebron after it was stolen from the settlement of Tzur Hadassah.

    He is said to have acted alone though the motivation for the terror attack may have been connected to Jawadra's two cousins who are held in Israeli jails for murder. The Palestinians, 24 years old from Tulkarm, then stole Borovsky's pistol and began firing at a border police checkpoint in the area before he was incapacitated by the soldiers manning the post.

    The man was later identified as Ibrahim al-Akary, a man whose brother had spent 19 years in an Israeli prison and was released as part of the Gilad Shalit deal. Koutineh was arrested and after questioning admitted to perpetrating the attack.

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