Adult sex show demo videos

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It's a demo made with ARKit, Apple's tool for enabling augmented reality in realistic 3D on phones and tablets. Is the company looking for more ways to reach out?

Adult sex show demo videos

Instead, the dancer's at a distance, oddly removed. Is this all happening because VR has hit a wall? AR on a phone is easier to use, and more devices already work with augmented reality.

Adult sex show demo videos

Adult sex show demo videos

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    Sexbots are ready to talk you into bed: That is our most fundamental principle.

    Is AR the new hot thing after VR for adult entertainment… or just the latest trick at a tech show full of illusions?

    This year, Naughty America lurked in a smaller closed-off demo space at the back of one of the busiest halls.

    Is this all happening because VR has hit a wall?

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