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Fielded by O'Neill wide on the right, Agathe turned in an outstanding performance in a 2—0 win for Celtic, with his pace and skill running the St Mirren defence ragged. My favorite shoes are by French shoe designer Roger Vivier. Jan and Elizabeth Showers Mom Jan is an interior designer with clients across the country, an antiques showroom in the Design District, a furniture collection and a new book featuring her interior design, Glamorous Rooms.


They asked if I had any extra skills, so I said I was a cheerleader in high school—and they cast me. Morgan Gianni at Fashion Optical designs glasses and sunglasses to match all of my outfits.



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  1. I have a John Derian zebra-print paperweight and a little vintage hand that I found at a thrift store that now holds my business cards that both make me smile. Yes, you heard it, my mom liked The Hangover!

    If you come into my office, every piece of paper is neatly stacked. I have my clothes, my jewelry and my eyeglasses all made.

    He began training with Aston Villa , managed by his former Celtic boss Martin O'Neill , after his attempt at joining Blackburn was unsuccessful.

    I recently threw away 1, magazines that she had piled up and she cried.


    Take Her Advice Elizabeth to Jan: Uh, yeah, of course there is!

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