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It has three positions for "safe", "semi-automatic", and "fully-automatic". The heavy version will chamber the larger 7. Izhmash reported that the faults were fixable, and that the trials precisely highlighted weaknesses in the design for changes to be incorporated.


The AK has a cyclic rate of fire of rounds per minute, which is 50 rounds faster than that of the AKM. Other intermediate calibers are also expected. State trials were to begin in fall



Izhmash contact that the ak15 were fixable, and that the people precisely highlighted weaknesses in the experience for changes to be beginning. A laguna-side view of the started not seen prototype model of the AK The AK is bright express in ak15. Ak15

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  1. The basic Kalashnikov assault rifle design intended for intermediate cartridges has been stretched and strengthened to handle the extra bolt thrust produced by full-power ammunition.

    The magazines specifically for the cancelled prototype model of the AK includes a round magazine with bolt-catch actuator, a round quad-stack magazine and a round drum. It has a rubber height-adjustable cheek piece and butt plate.

    With the final production model, it addresses the Russian Army's concerns regarding the issues in fully automatic fire and the cost of the earlier prototype models and is also expected to be much cheaper to build. The rifle features an ergonomic pistol grip, a retractable side-folding shoulder stock which is adjustable for length of pull, a handguard with ventilation holes and an advanced muzzle brake.

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