Ambivalent boyfriend

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For him, distancing is a habit. My offenses seem minor relative to the rage they cause. This can lead to people becoming stuck, continually focused on trying to avoid the inner discomfort they are experiencing rather than acknowledging and addressing it.

Ambivalent boyfriend

He dated freely and casually for a few years, but when he met a woman we'll call Gloria, he began to reconsider the bachelor's vow he'd made. I am 31 and I've been with my boyfriend 15 months, through ups and downs. She is beginning to wonder whether facing pure rejection wouldn't be easier than coping with a man who, she says, behaves more like a chameleon.

Ambivalent boyfriend

Ambivalent boyfriend

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  1. In a weird way, it felt like settling.

    I am 31 and I've been with my boyfriend 15 months, through ups and downs.

    Charlie Downing's experience provides an illustration.

    Downing was able to enjoy the excitement of the chase, the comfort of a familiar pattern and the illusion of intimacy without the emotional and financial responsibilities of a marriage. Ambivalence both invites us to desire closeness whilst also avoiding becoming too attached.

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