Aron ralstons arm

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As the giant rock began to fall toward him, he placed his hands over his head to deflect the blow. But Ralston says Boyle has handled it perfectly.

Aron ralstons arm

But it is after he leaves the girls to continue his hike that disaster strikes. Severely dehydrated, hungry, and moving in and out of coherent thinking, Ralston used the mechanical leverage of the rock to snap the radius and ulna bones just above his wrist, then cut the remaining soft tissues with a dull knife from his backpack to gain his freedom.

Aron ralstons arm

Aron ralstons arm

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    It was no longer up to me. Just ten months after his accident, Ralston continued with a highly demanding climbing goal he had started before he lost his arm:

    A family out hiking found him and called the emergency services. Rescuers searching for Ralston, alerted by his family that he was missing, had narrowed the search down to Canyonlands and flew by in their helicopter.

    As the giant rock began to fall toward him, he placed his hands over his head to deflect the blow.

    His arm was then cremated and the ashes given to Ralston.

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