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For the outside area we just bought a brand new Baby Weber BBQ, so you are flexible to cook also at home if you prefer. If you have any special requests or questions please don't hesitate to ask us.

Avoca nsw

Street is very quiet, the veiw of the treescape was relaxing, and overall one of the best airbnb's we have stayed in. Please respect our house rule to only use plastice glasses and plates outside. Definitely swim between the flags, and watch for rip holes and currents.

Avoca nsw

Avoca nsw

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  1. The full amount of the booking has to be paid to the host. Located on 7 mins drive from Terrigal and 11 mins drive to Erina Fair.

    The kitchen offers everything you need for a holiday - visit the lovely local restaurants for your main meals!

    With dining, entertainment, facilities including two pools and a tennis court, life is beautiful at Avoca Beach Hotel.

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