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A few miles to the northeast, bare paddocks mark the site of Homebush , once a flourishing mining village. Further south is the town's tennis courts, bowls club and golf course. The structure is representative of schools of the period.

Avoca victoria

By the beginning of December , the population had increased from to 2,, and by June the following year, Avoca, with a population of 16,, was regarded as one of Victoria's more important gold rush districts. The big pastoral runs that had existed before the rushes were broken up for closer settlement. Some buildings associated with the police camp are to be found in Napier St, between Davy and Camp Sts.

Avoca victoria

Avoca victoria

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  1. Some places of particular interest include: In it was replaced by the school over the road which is now listed by the National Trust.

    In the first decade of the twentieth century Avoca's infrastructure was further developed. At the south-eastern corner of High and Bridport is the former Bank of Victoria

    Since the s, the wine industry has grown to be one of the most significant economic drivers and the sector is now the largest employer in the region and has increased tourism.

    Although gold persists - it still attracts prospectors - today the town is a rural service centre characterised by its wide main street edged by cafes, galleries and specialty shops.

    It is open weekends and public holidays, tel:

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