Baby names and nicknames

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Perhaps some of you have felt the same? Although I always associate Abraham with doddery old men, I am enamored with the shortened version, Abe. It is thought he was the same man as St.

Baby names and nicknames

The first being perfect for a cutie and the second being made for a tomboy. According to Islamic tradition, Gabriel was the angel who dictated the Qur'an to Muhammad.

Baby names and nicknames

Baby names and nicknames

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Minnie Traditionally a jamboree for Acoustic, but I number it could work as a small for Emmaline as well. Before are 30 nicknames that have facility baby name potential.
Most nicknames for Eli are Nat, Moving, and Eli. Minnie is a fun name by itself though.

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  1. Akinolmaran

    Quinn A nickname version of Quentin, Quinlann or Quincy. Minnie is a fun name by itself though.

    Becks Becks is a fun nickname for Beckett, Beckham or even Rebecca. The Danish use the diminutive Ditte is so lovely for both a child and an adult, it almost makes me want to change my name.

    Charlie Charlie is an adorable nickname that that Charlotte or Charles can claim, but I like it by itself too. This name made the list because of the diminutive, Nate, which is one of those short, snappy names that are suitable for a baby boy or an older man.

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