Bad hostage negotiator

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So asking questions is a huge part of getting what you want out of any disagreement. Why makes us defensive because it's typically interpreted as an accusation, whether or not that was your intention. I always have gone back and forth on this.

Bad hostage negotiator

One of his colleagues came to negotiate something with him. Terms and Conditions This is where I have messed up the most in my own negotiations. Thinking of the hardships caused.

Bad hostage negotiator

Bad hostage negotiator

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  1. The situation is thankfully hypothetical for most, but the lessons we can take from hostage negotiations are very real and applicable to the daily grind of doing sales.

    One easy fix is to replace "Why" with "What" or "How. Let them feel in control:

    The key to success is to approach everything with humility. Suddenly, your prospect feels in control of the conversation and more inclined to share the information you need.

    It does them no good. But I mess up.

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