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Short cartoon stories for early readers. Punchlines often arrive a few beats too late, or linger too long.


English, Punjabi, Polish dialogue. Please try your request again later.



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  1. Punctuated by brisk exchanges of dialogue and gunfire, this is a film that lives or dies on the quality of its acting and its pacing, and both are a bit too uneven to fully work. Nina Dobrev in CBS' 'Fam' Unlike most movie mobsters, Jeet still lives with his mother Balinder Johal in a nice, multi-story suburban house, and likes to consider himself a decent single father to his grade-school-age son Samir Amarshi.

    The wedding, we realize, is actually a funeral.

    And then the scene shifts to an Indo-Canadian wedding where the bridegroom, hidden behind an ornate headpiece, is strangely motionless. The film has a great premise — it's an action movie and social drama built around the attention-seeking and glamorization of violence that feeds organized crime in Vancouver's Sikh community — that is repeatedly dragged down by the director, her script and her cast.

    When "Linaloomp" was finished I brought it into her class and read it also showing my large sketchpads with the preliminary writings and development of characters, etc.

    The wedding, we realize, is actually a funeral. The children I volunteer reading to all call me by that name as well as some adults.

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