Belly button piercings tumblr

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Bump without infection and bump with infection. You can see with your eyes the navel piercing jewelry through the skin due to the reducing thickness. There are two types of bumps in this case.

Belly button piercings tumblr

Formation of a bump. This is the best way on how to get rid of belly button piercing bump at home. Bleedings may occur during the piercing but if it persist then it could be an infection.

Belly button piercings tumblr

Belly button piercings tumblr

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  1. Make a paste by mixing aspirin with little amount of water. Presence of green or yellow discharge from pierced area.

    Presence of green or yellow discharge from pierced area. This is an anti-inflammatory agent that soothes wounds.

    The navel piercing ring or bars will hang more loosely compared to when it got placed. Allow it to stay for at least 5 minutes.

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