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Any change in channel morphology associated with large channels is evaluated directly by comparing photographs taken before and after logging. With this outcome, all reaches not analyzed by the aerial photograph assessment are assessed in the field.


Recommendations presented in the WAP level 1 are considered by the multi-agency round table and constraints for a forest development plan are developed. Evaluate the overall disturbance level for the stream. Changes in large channel morphology in response to forestry-related activities within a watershed can be generalized.



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  1. Additional series of aerial photographs should be included if available, including photographs taken during active logging operations as well as the earliest photographs after logging.

    Note that the trends shown in Figure 6 are general and that change from one stability class to another may only be completed in extreme episodes of channel disturbance. Church separates large channels into three phases a bed material supply-dominated phase, a transitional phase, and a wash material supply-dominated phase.

    Consider the consequences of an increase in discharge or bedload sediment supplied to the channel.

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