Characteristics of a selfish husband

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A selfish person thinks of himself like he is the smartest person in the world and knows everything. The entire burden of dealing with family and household problems falls on your shoulder. However, if he makes inconsiderate statements about your appearance all the time without looking at himself and how he looks first, it's just a sign that he is too selfish to admit that something is wrong with him, and it's up to you not to allow that.

Characteristics of a selfish husband

Show him that you are always there for him and that his behavior hurts you. Your selfish husband thinks only of himself 1. His interests come first You feel like going out tonight, but your husband declines your wish to go out together because he's just not in a mood.

Characteristics of a selfish husband

Characteristics of a selfish husband

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  1. He wants sex even when you are not in the mood As a woman you feel sexually aroused only when you are emotionally aroused.

    Also, your husband is inconsiderate and insensitive enough that he doesn't have any reaction to this sad news, even if it doesn't affect him directly.

    Right, he is Mr.

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