Cherbourg region

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The bezants would be the expression of the redemption of the captives, illustrating the participation of the notables of Cherbourg on the Third Crusade. In the face of English threats, Richard III of Normandy strengthened the fortifications of the castle at the same time as those of the other major strongholds of Cotentin.

Cherbourg region

It is the second largest urban area in Lower Normandy after Caen. Mural crown with five rounds of argent, crest crossed fess a caduceus bypassed same on which are suspended two scallops used as mantling, one dexter olive, the other sinister oak, argent knotted and fastened by strips of azure.

Cherbourg region

Cherbourg region

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  1. It was the logo of the municipality until the merger with Cherbourg, which then took the logo of Cherbourg.

    The fortress resisted the soldiers of Edward III in Botanical assets The Ravalet Castle in Cherbourg With the Gulf Stream blowing along its coast and an oceanic climate, Cherbourg-Octeville has been cultivating its botanical assets for one and a half centuries.

    Click here for more Cherbourg hotels Cherbourg travel guide About Cherbourg Cherbourg, in Normandy, is a port town with a seafaring history that is second to none.

    Today, the municipality of Cherbourg-Octeville uses a logo, entitled "mouette musicale" [musical seagull].

    Under the Empire, the coat of arms was completed by a free area of second-class towns which is to dexter azure to an "N" of or, surmounted by a pointed star of the same, brocading at the ninth of the escutcheon.

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