Christian singles san jose

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From Ray Chin, Santa Clara, CA For singles who are tired of being single, the Journey ministry is reaching a demographic that has been marginalized or forgotten. From Rachel McKinsey Attending this workshop definitely is a long-term investment in my future. Everyone needs to learn about these relationship skills!

Christian singles san jose

They have helped me to make some major adjustments, which have prepared me to walk into the next stage of life. I am thankful that finally there are leaders of a singles group who actually understand what it is like to be single.

Christian singles san jose

Christian singles san jose

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  1. These workshops will change your mind! I was, at first, afraid to attend and had to pray on it and find the courage to be here today.

    I am so thankful to Kevin and Claudia for the selfless, vital role they have played in mentoring me in relationships. Very well presented lecture by Kevin and Claudia—excellent stories, highlights, bible references for mature singles.

    They have helped me to make some major adjustments, which have prepared me to walk into the next stage of life.

    I could just feel God using you!

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