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He experimented with various frameworks to improve his approach on a personal level, but began sharing what he developed with others during a presentation to a group of startups at the behest of entrepreneur Andy Ellwood. Over the next couple of weeks, six of the twelve people emailed Clay to tell him how much of an impact his introduction framework had — and how it changed everything. Learn how to tailor the introduction of yourself and your business to suit the crowd and room where you are.

Clay hebert

Not in a confident or interesting way. DesignCrowd helps startups and small businesses crowdsource custom graphics, logos, Web design -- even tattoo designs! Resources from this episode:

Clay hebert

Clay hebert

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  1. How do you introduce others to one another in an effective way that makes everyone look good?


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    I think I covered where I grew up and my favorite flavor of ice cream and I just went on and on and on. Clay Hebert The Perfect Intro now.

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