Clean shaven ladies

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For extra evidence why classy ladies normally prefer dating clean cut partners, check out this article. While some believe a beard can compensate for a weak chin or distract from a receding hairline, Hollywood stars often grow facial hair to prove they are more than just a pretty face sadly completely disguising that pretty face in the process. The most outstanding of these tell-tale revelations was the consistently higher scores of attraction awarded to men with less facial hair.

Clean shaven ladies

Although I generally prefer clean-shaven men, it has to be said that some men carry off facial hair much better than others. Prince William, 29, can sometimes appear a bit boyish, but the beard lends him a pleasingly manly air Gorgeous:

Clean shaven ladies

Clean shaven ladies

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  1. An even more plausible trick to bear out the contention that beardless guys are a lot more smart-looking that unshaven ones is to talk to famous guys who changed from hairy bores to clean-cut gentlemen. David Beckham's jawline is designed to be admired unadorned.

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