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A bridge across the lagoon was also built that year. Today, this area is grassy, there are ducks in the lagoon, there are pleasant walks around the lagoon.

Clermont qld

The Isaac Regional Council website notes: By that year nearly 1, prospectors were searching for gold in the area. It is located km north of Emerald on the Gregory Highway.

Clermont qld

Clermont qld

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  1. It is still known as Australia's second worst flood in terms of loss of life. The decorated soldier Billy Sing was born in Clermont in of a Chinese father and English mother.

    It was the first inland settlement in the tropics, making it a frontier town in the truest sense of the word.

    The result was that the mine, which reputedly has the largest seam of steaming coal in the world - it is apparently 29 metres thick - was brought into productive operation. More information about Clermont Historical Centre Copperfield Queensland's first copper mine opened at Copperfield in and continued until the s when the best quality ore was mined out.

    Following the flood, many of the wooden buildings of the town were moved using steam traction engines to a new townsite on higher ground.

    Two animal species of conservation significance have been recorded in the area; the squatter pigeon Geophaps scripta scripta and the koala Phascolarctos cinereus as well as sightings of the whip-tailed wallaby Macrophus parryi.

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