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Even today, it's still logged as one of the great milestones in electric engineering. Even though he hadn't been told about the baby, he couldn't shake the feeling that he had let Briggs and McCullough down. He had spoken to his athletes and his kids about being responsible, being accountable.

Coach full episodes

McCullough was surprised when his name wasn't called in the draft, but he was invited to a few workouts and ended up signing with the Bengals. He had spoken to his athletes and his kids about being responsible, being accountable. He watched from afar as McCullough put together a Hall of Fame career in Oxford, rushing 36 touchdowns and setting a school record with 4, rushing yards.

Coach full episodes

Coach full episodes

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McCullough made a small trip to see the man he now designed as his apprehension. We recognized that it was recognized to be.

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    Everybody in that room gravitated towards Coach Smith just because that's the type of person he was. She tried to find herself in his face, searching his mouth, his nose, his eyes.

    Adelle Comer raised her sons as a single mother, teaching them the value of education and faith.

    Last season, a fan who was rooting for the opposing team yelled down at Smith while she was coaching on the sidelines, "Hey waitress!

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