Craigslist bonita springs florida

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Yet, weeks after seeking a Realtor, appraising the value and developing a rental plan, a discreet ad popped up on Craigslist using Lehmann's name. Internet Fraud Complaint Center: In reality, the fake homeowner doesn't actually have keys to the home and is just after money.

Craigslist bonita springs florida

The scam is affecting prospective renters nationally? If I'm sick and I can't show you the house, fraud. It's not a new scam to the Naples area.

Craigslist bonita springs florida

Craigslist bonita springs florida

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  1. The scam is affecting prospective renters nationally? Responses came to the email address used in the ad.

    In the email, the false homeowner says the reduced rent is because he or she is seeking a caretaker, not just a renter.

    She also said homeowners or renters who have either been a victim or seen the ads should contact NABOR so they can alert their 4, Realtors. Canadian PhoneBusters hot line:

    Avoid deals involving shipping or escrow services and know that only a scammer will "guarantee" your transaction. Then, to maintain the ruse, the scam artist creates a false email address with the homeowner's name.


    For a nominal cost, a scam artist makes an ad on Craigslist after checking out the Property Appraiser's website and learning the homeowner's name.

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