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Progress moves slowly in cryptozoology, and new discoveries and evidence are hard to come by. What would happen if a population of Sasquatch were discovered? This is the part that separates cryptozoology from mainstream science.

Crypto zoologist

Since these hidden animal species are usually described from local experiences or legends, cryptozoologists can begin documenting sightings from these sources. As with the ghost seekers , cryptozoologists are convinced that they will be the ones to solve the mystery and make history.

Crypto zoologist

Crypto zoologist

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  1. Some are believed to be real animals, yet to be discovered by science. At first glance, this would seem to differ little from zoology.


    Regarding cryptozoologists, Campion-Vincent says that "this movement seems to deserve the appellation of parascience, like parapsychology: Hopefully this delusion was just caused by something I ate.

    It is described as having the body of an elephant with a long neck and small head. Cryptozoology purports to be the study of previously unidentified animal species.

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