Cystic fibrosis and dating

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Last year I was slated to be a plus 1 for a wedding. I think we all have some fear or anxiety of feeling totally helpless.

Cystic fibrosis and dating

I know my girlfriend is paranoid during those times, and probably for good reason. On the surface they may be scary or a little disconcerting, but they are our normal, the people who choose to date us need to be willing to find a new normal in their lives. My girlfriend did, however, come with me to a long study visit, and it was back within the first 6 months that we started dating.

Cystic fibrosis and dating

Cystic fibrosis and dating

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  1. In so many ways, they serve as the first line of defense around my health.

    It impacts just about every single part of the day, from sleeping, eating, coughing, walking, to feeling. The connection will be the focus.

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