Danny koker children

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Car Collection and House For a man who deals on cars and automobiles generally, Danny has quite enough. Koker was raised in a family of automobile enthusiasts as most of his relatives worked for the Ford Motor Company. She disclosed that her partner trusts her and allows her to make her own decision.

Danny koker children

Danny soon began restoring cars and motorcycles. Likewise, in an interview with Jill Meniketti on 16 December , Korie described her husband, Danny as a supportive man. Danny also opened a vehicle restoration and repair shop called Count's Kustoms in the early 90s.

Danny koker children

Danny koker children

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  1. He is also part owner of a restaurant and tattoo shop with rock and roll frontman of Motley Crue, Vince Neil. Danny Koker is married to wife Korie Koker.

    Since , his shop got featured as the content for American reality series, Counting Cars.

    Thankfully, the car expert is still alive and continues to go about his business. In an interview with Meniketti, she is asked how she carries on when working with her husband.

    Still wondering how he makes a lot of money? Danny soon began restoring cars and motorcycles.

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