Dating for financially secure

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Millennials are underemployed and a further 12 percent are unemployed , and there's a good chance that if you're under 35, your 1 dating problem isn't that you're so flush with money that you can't decide whether to take your jet to Tahiti or Cabo this weekend. I've known women in brand-new relationships who've dropped hundreds of dollars on sexy little lace things to perfectly suit their new guy's hottest fantasies, only to see it left shredded on the bedroom floor in six seconds flat. Then your love life is totally and utterly screwed, if the internet trolls are to be believed.

Dating for financially secure

The study of more than 27, heterosexual people in the US — published by a team of health, social and behavioural scientists at UCLA, Chapman University, Indiana University and Rutgers University — asked respondents to rate the importance of different characteristics in a long-term partner. And while you may have problems getting accepted if you're poorer, you sure won't if you're richer. Unless you're legitimately living at home because you're a lazy piece of shit.

Dating for financially secure

Dating for financially secure

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So how do you time that. And that's not sustainable.

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  1. For example, Singaporean men often get worried at the prospect of you one day out-earning them. Or that they're resilient, took a couple of hard knocks in life, and are going to come back fighting?

    And these stereotypes hold true for rich and poor, young and old, high school dropouts and university graduates, and even those who think they're hot and those who think they're not, according to new research published in the peer-reviewed academic journal Personality and Individual Differences. In fact, wealthier men placed less emphasis than other men on a partner with a steady income.

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