Dating for mobile phones

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I lived the early years of my romantic life smartphone-free because they didn't exist yet and it was awful for so many reasons Maintaining a relationship It seems shocking in retrospect that we, as humans, could actually keep relationships going before cellphones.

Dating for mobile phones

No way to send "thinking of u" messages. I called my high school boyfriend so much that I even memorized the way the tones sounded when I dialed him up on my landline. That makes me miss dating before the Internet, smartphones and social media took over the way I communicate.

Dating for mobile phones

Dating for mobile phones

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  1. Seriously, the best bear hugs.

    What do I have to show for my past loves?

    Some companies even offer services such as homing devices to alert users when another user is within thirty feet of one another. The art of memorizing phone numbers has gone the way of the dodo bird and VHS rewind machines.

    For older millennials, that's a world we remember

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