Dating in new jersey

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I'm sure everyone has heard stories about how hard it is to date post-divorce. You basically need an advanced degree in higher mathematics to figure out when you can see someone.

Dating in new jersey

I wait until my daughter has a slumber party or is staying with her dad…. So be prepared for an extra amount of grilling. Do I drive into the city and pay tolls and parking really hard on a budget… especially if the date wants to go dutch when their commute involved walking two blocks after work?

Dating in new jersey

Dating in new jersey

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  1. We need to drive everywhere, always. When we talk about "the city," it's New York City—the only city of relevance.

    We will fight to the death to defend that New Jersey bagels are better than New York bagels.

    And we will bring you on a personal tour of our city, even if you don't live in a state that far away.

    Even when I date guys without kids the driving becomes and issue.

    Even when I date guys without kids the driving becomes and issue. Except when we show you the gas station where we saw the Situation in a Lambo one time.

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