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Examples of harbinger in a Sentence Noun her father's successful job interview was seen as a harbinger of better times to come Verb the hope that the housing slump does not harbinger a general economic recession Recent Examples on the Web: The original meaning of harbinger was quite specific and had nothing to do with any of the above. The earliest printed example of that phrase that I have found is from James Emerson Tennent's Letters from the Aegean,

Def harbinger

It can precede something positive, or neutral, such as harbinger of dawn, or harbinger of victory. A forerunner; a precursor; a messenger; as warmer weather is a harbinger of the vacation season.

Def harbinger

Def harbinger

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  1. The original meaning of harbinger was quite specific and had nothing to do with any of the above.

    To Him John, as His harbinger, directed the repentance which he preached , whose province was the purging of men's minds, that whatever defilement inveterate

    The fame anon thurgh toun is born How Alla kyng shal comen on pilgrymage, By herbergeours that wenten hym biforn [The news through all the town was carried, How King Alla would come on pilgrimage, By harbingers that went before him] It was some centuries until the figurative usage, when people began to speak of harbingers of things other than approaching royalty or house guests.


    The Harbinger Isaiah

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