Do love avoidants return

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The more she needed him, the less he wanted to give. Therefore the Love Avoidant does not set boundaries, is worried about upsetting the Love Addict, does not express his or her need for space away from the relationship, or just takes it without checking in, and then states that he or she feels criticised, smothered and violated.

Do love avoidants return

How does a healthy person think about love? When you read on further in this article, you will understand why these opposites attract… Naturally there are differing levels of Love Addicts and Love Avoidants to the mild and the extreme, but the defining criteria is that Love Addicts and Love Avoidants have fears that jeopardise and sabotage their love relationships. Why the Love Struggle?

Do love avoidants return

Do love avoidants return

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  1. It is like a little seed, in the fresh, spring earth, that needs nurturing to grow. So, invariably what occurs is the Love Addict bottles, and then blows about their needs in accusatory ways, or becomes passive aggressive regarding their expectations.


    The problem is Love Addicts express their needs to receive love, affection, sex and attention inappropriately and Love Avoidants feel guilty about expressing their needs about requiring space and time out of the relationship to energise themselves.

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