Does ignoring your ex work

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Instead of ex sex, find a new hobby. I was moving on, and when my phone went off I stopped hoping it was him.

Does ignoring your ex work

Give the whole thing space with no contact, electronic or otherwise. You got what you wanted and he messaged you, now actually block his number and enjoy the high you get from taking control of YOUR life back. If she pulls this move just act indifferently.

Does ignoring your ex work

Does ignoring your ex work

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  1. Kajizilkree

    It could be a final straw situation, whereby you find yourself with literally no chance of getting back with them.

    They'll see that you've changed and be interested to know what you're doing and if they should be a part of it.

    In an effort to set him free so he could find real love, you broke it off with him along with the promise of remaining friends.

    OR redefine your will power.

    There is no middle.

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