Dyeing gray hair

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To make gray hair shiny and to neutralize a yellow tinge caused by sun and perspiration, use a special silver shampoo. Let your stylist advise you on the right style suited to your type. A salt and pepper mane or a sliver of silver can look stylish and smart.

Dyeing gray hair

Why not add a pop of color? The most beautiful hair colors of the season. To prevent this effect wearing off, you should apply a special treatment for colored hair once a week.

Dyeing gray hair

Dyeing gray hair

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  1. How to cover gray hair Blondes get away with gray hair for longer. How to care for dyed hair Freshly dyed hair always looks groomed and shiny.

    We have all the answers.

    How to cover gray hair Blondes get away with gray hair for longer.

    It prevents a yellow cast and conspicuous roots, which require major upkeep. How to cover gray hair Blondes get away with gray hair for longer.

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