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The Eastern Suburbs line is drawn in blue. In the government rejected the proposed extension to Bondi Beach as a public-private partnership. Proposed extensions are shown as dotted lines.

Eastern bondi

The project was not revived until the mids. The project proposed to extend the Eastern Suburbs Railway from its current terminus at Bondi Junction to a new underground station at Bondi Beach. The route from Bondi Junction to Kingsford was selected, primarily because of the ease of tunneling through sandstone along the high topological ridgeline that runs from the existing terminus at the Junction, via Waverley, northern Randwick, Randwick Junction and to the eastern side of the University of NSW.

Eastern bondi

Eastern bondi

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  1. Construction commenced with the building of stub tunnels at St James Railway Station. The physical works involved the extension eastwards of the existing tunnels at Bondi Junction with the construction on a new 2.

    Industrial action spurred by ethnic tensions delayed the works, as did an injunction taken out by residents of the exclusive suburb of Woollahra to prevent round-the-clock tunnelling works, spawning a chain of legal action not completed in the High Court of Australia until , some three years after the project was completed.


    The stations are finished in terrazzo and colourful tiles. Further, due to residents' demands, costs and poor patronage expectations, Woollahra station would not be completed there remains a vestigial station on site, with platform walls in place.

    New construction was carried out including the construction of four underground platforms beside Central Station at Chalmers Street only two would be used for the Eastern Suburbs line, the other two would be used for the Southern Suburbs line. This Act amended the earlier scheme proposed by Bradfield in , which had provided for the previous construction work.

    Bondi Junction had originally been intended only as an intermediate turnback station before the extension to Kingsford was abandoned.

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