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Why are her pupils like that? I really regret not reviewing before, as I just recently realized how important it is to a writer.


Even to him, even while they were in a relationship. And last but not least, Dan Brown's smart plotting and unexpected twists are something to live and die for. Also, I offer to beta stories, whether it is to proofread or help with grammar and vocabulary.



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  1. After a year or so of being a "ghost reader", I decided to start writing my own fic and also, actively read and comment on the other stories here. And though it was Bruno Heller who created them, I think that Simon Baker and Robin Tunney also had a huge part in their being so perfect.

    Now its 2 years later and she is back in Austin. I think Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon are the best characters ever to be created.

    If though, you'd also like to know further about me, here's some information: K - English - Friendship - Chapters:

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