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The functional differences between these receptors remain to be established. And the endoplasmic reticulum is key for starting to produce and then later on package proteins that are either embedded in the cellular membrane or used outside of the cell itself. And when you have a protein, or really you have anything that's being transported around a cell with its own little mini membrane, we call this a vesicle.


Not to be confused with the cytoplasm, the cytosol is only the gel matrix of the cell which does not include many of the macromolecules essential to cellular function. Once the pseudopod is extended, the sol within begins to peripherally convert back to gel, converting back to the ectoplasm as the lagging cell body flows up into the pseudopod moving the cell forward. And at some point, it can bud off.



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  1. And that protein can either be transported outside of the cell, or it can be embedded within the membrane itself. And then they can essentially do the reverse process, and they can attach themselves to the Golgi, oftentimes the Golgi body, named after Mr.

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