Episodes of continuum

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He believes that Kiera is feeding information to Liber8 due to her anomalous background, although Kiera and Carlos mistakenly speculates that he may be the mole himself. Green Alec was eventually killed in a fight with Red Alec after attempting to strangle him when he proved to be too dangerous, his actions creating a new alternate time-line. Later in his life, he will be known as Theseus, the founder of Liber8 and mentor to Edouard Kagame.

Episodes of continuum

Davis as the elderly Alec Sadler in Starting in "Revolutions per Minute", he becomes a beta tester for Alec's Halo project and he recovers lucidity, but his mental health begins to deteriorate and in "3 Minutes to Midnight", he is responsible for attacking a random jogger and later he attempts to kill Julian because of what he knows he will become.

Episodes of continuum

Episodes of continuum

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  1. When terrorists killed thousands of innocents, they were condemned to die. Luvia Petersen as Jasmine Garza, a soldier and member of Liber8.


    After Kagame's death, he was opposed to Valentine, Kagame's designated successor, seeking more violent methods and recruiting criminals into his version of Liber8.

    In next episode, he is killed by Warren, one of the Freelancers for his investigation. When "Red Kiera" finally is returned to , she found that a park was commissioned and named in his memory.

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