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Common areas Estia Health Epping features several large and welcoming living and activities areas, with additional private lounges also available for a more private setting. Two separate and spacious dining rooms with comfortable chairs have plenty of room for mobility aids.

Epping melbourne

Epping has a mainly flat terrain though, towards the north, lie several large hills, which provide an excellent view of Melbourne. Major suburban development took place from the s onwards and the northern fringes of the area are currently in the process of being developed for housing. Several older buildings are constructed in bluestone , plentiful in the surrounding volcanic plains.

Epping melbourne

Epping melbourne

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    Features Estia Health Epping is a single-level residence that features a choice of warm and friendly living spaces, serene landscaped gardens and a whole range of amenities for residents and visitors to enjoy.

    Epping Post Office opened on 1 September

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