Exposing a sociopath

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And you dont feel bad about teaching them a lesson that you think is deserved. Im sorry that im taking the title you choose for yourself but go live your life dont box yourself into sociopaths.

Exposing a sociopath

The Heartless one says: As far as normalcy goes, we are much the same. But yet I wanted to stay and help him through it, even when I started to do research on his behavior and his action, I still wanted to help, when I knew that there is no cure to the disorder.

Exposing a sociopath

Exposing a sociopath

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  1. In hindsight, the CIO felt that more open confrontation with the sociopath, questioning why he was behaving certain ways, would have been a better way to deal with the situation. I again said do you know you are a sociopath?


    Francis agrees that the rise of modern social media technologies such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have made it easier for sociopaths to exist and potentially thrive in the corporate environment. And you dont feel bad about teaching them a lesson that you think is deserved.

    Have fun, i know its hard to accept but move-on MissLondon says:

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