Falconry in australia

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On a cold, grey afternoon his van pulled up at the end of Kirk Bridge Road in Mambourin, about 42 kilometres on the Melbourne side of Bacchus Marsh. This year he and his wife, Talia Barrett, acquired a licence to keep a small collection of captive-bred raptors and owls, with which he stages educational shows at wildlife parks. Birds of prey suffered extreme persecution from the early 20th century through the s, where thousands of birds were shot at conspicuous migration sites and many state wildlife agencies issued bounties for carcasses.

Falconry in australia

Recent changes to the schedules of the Wildlife Act allow harriers to be killed without a permit from the Department of Conservation where they are perceived to be causing harm to livestock or conservation values. Most USA states have their own falconry clubs. If numbers are important to you then stick with a shotgun.

Falconry in australia

Falconry in australia

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