Fender squier stratocaster serial numbers

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Remember, these serial and neck numbers were never really intended for historical dating. That is why I decided to write this article. Fender also dated the neck when it was manufactured.

Fender squier stratocaster serial numbers

I want to help you understand how to tell the age of your Fender as well as any Fender you see. This marking is only visible when the neck is removed from the body because it is covered in the neck pocket. Certain styles and colors have come and gone over the years, but there is no real obvious way to tell how old a Fender is other than the identification number.

Fender squier stratocaster serial numbers

Fender squier stratocaster serial numbers

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  1. Few Fender guitars have dates written on the bodies under the pickups, in the routed out cavities, and near the wiring harnesses.

    They decided that it would be easier to decipher the serial number code than just write the year on the guitar. Where do I find my Fender Serial Number?

    True to form the reissue guitars have their identification numbers stamped in the neck plate. What does the date on the neck mean?

    Unfortunately, Fender decided not to simply write the date of manufacture on the guitar. Necks could sit for days, weeks, or even months at a time before being matched with a body.

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