First time anal sex hurt

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Back off and go with something smaller, like one less finger or a smaller toy. It's all a matter of relaxing and not tightening up your sphincter. If bleeding happens, it's usually because your hymen has been broken during sexual intercourse.

First time anal sex hurt

Therefore, do not let him just stick his penis in there right away! No, it will not hurt at the moment

First time anal sex hurt

First time anal sex hurt

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  1. Plenty of straight guys do, because his prostrate is up there and it's commonly called "The Male G-Spot" 0 0 Thatguy16 Ok anal will hurt for the first time, it's something big going into a small place where stuff is only sup post to come out, but the pain will be less and maybe non-existent after the first time if he takes it very slow, your relaxed and your well lubes up.

    Therefore, do not let him just stick his penis in there right away!

    Silicone-based lube will be your best option here because it facilitates the access and will not break the condom.

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