Four hour work week tim ferriss

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But we also want to travel, excel at a sport or an art, tend to our most valuable relationships, or just unwind. Despite skyrocketing productivity, average worker compensation had plateaued decades earlier and showed little sign of budging.

Four hour work week tim ferriss

And it continued to sell after the economic collapse, with a new forward explaining that its advice was even better suited for a crumbling economy. All you have to do is manage them. The reason people feel unfree is capitalism, and the only road out runs through class struggle.

Four hour work week tim ferriss

Four hour work week tim ferriss

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  1. Starting from this valuable insight, The 4-Hour Workweek offers a solution, consisting of a litany of shortcuts — and misguided, destructive ones at that. However, as time has passed, I don't really think I can recommend this book as anything but entertainment.

    The douchebaggery and straight up disengenuity espoused almost drips off the pages:

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