Girls during menstruation

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Some girls use only one method and others switch between different methods. But a period can be shorter or last longer. The symptoms go away after the first few days of a period.

Girls during menstruation

Keeping warm helps improve blood circulation, thus alleviating menstrual pains. The same hormones that cause the uterus lining to build up also cause an egg to leave one of the ovaries. If a girl has sex, she can get pregnant, even though she has never had a period.

Girls during menstruation

Girls during menstruation

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  1. Although women tend to experience unpleasant symptoms during their period, it is not actually an illness.

    So you should refrain from having sexual intercourse during menstruation. Far infrared mats are also quite effective in keeping you warm.

    Most girls get their first period when they're around Periods usually happen about once every 4—5 weeks.

    Women also won't have a period while they are pregnant.

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