Good friend broke my heart

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Now I am stronger. I know that one day when this is the last thing on my mind, I will be with people who know my worth and respect me enough to never put me through what you have.

Good friend broke my heart

I know that I am someone fully capable of loving from the depths of my soul because I still love the one who broke my heart so many times. Trust issues do not have to begin with a boyfriend, no, sometimes they begin with the girl s who you thought would be stood beside you on your wedding day, whose faces are in every photograph and so many of your childhood memories. What about when your best friend breaks your heart?

Good friend broke my heart

Good friend broke my heart

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  1. Am I just unloveable? Your friends are meant to be your cheerleading squad, your safety- net, your agony aunt.

    It twists deep inside you; its like a cigarette being held against your heart and forever standing on uneven ground.

    I wish I could tell you that you got to me with everything, but what I wish more than anything is that I could laugh in your face.

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