Hawkesbury netball

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Unable to play netball for at least five weeks, Jenna was devastated by this news but as she was voted by her fellow team members as captain of the team, Jenna will still attend championships with her team to provide support and cheering from sideline. Port Stephens Netball Associations has two teams, 12s and 13s, in division four and two teams 14 and 15 in division three. Jessica Rumbel was a member of the years development squad for Port Stephens Netball Association but this squad does not compete at the championship.

Hawkesbury netball

Claim or edit this listing Hawkesbury City Netball Association Love sport or simply want to make a difference? Unfortunately Jenna Muddle will not be able to participate in championship this coming weekend. While Jenna was participating in their last carnival two weekends ago, she fell during her game which has resulted in a fractured arm.

Hawkesbury netball

Hawkesbury netball

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  1. Jessica Rumbel was a member of the years development squad for Port Stephens Netball Association but this squad does not compete at the championship. Volunteers play an important role in keeping our sport clubs active.

    Doing something sporty allows you to do good, feel good and connect to a great cause. The championships are a three-day event where associations from all over NSW travel to attend and participate in the event.

    It also helps the development of Australia's sports clubs in your area. All players commenced training early February where they have attended a weekly training and fitness session along with competing in several Sunday carnivals.

    Getting Involved Enjoy being active and meeting others in your local area?

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