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He later took that retweet down, but by that point it was too late. Or that same daintie lad, which was so deare To great Alcides, that when as he dyde He wailed womanlike with many a teare, And every wood, and every valley wyde He fild with Hylas name; the Nymphes eke "Hylas" cryde. And like a father with a dear son he taught him all the things which had made him a mighty man, and famous.

Hercules gay

He later took that retweet down, but by that point it was too late. This upset Heracles greatly, so he along with Polyphemus searched for a great length of time.

Hercules gay

Hercules gay

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    Combine that hostility with a lackluster publishing slate and a track record of marginalizing LGBTQ characters, and Marvel's failures come into sharp relief.

    Of course, there's a question mark hanging over Iceman, as there are two of him, one young and gay, and the other older and Lustfulness is at the core of his character, and Hercules' appetites aren't limited by gender.

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