Hong kong dating scene

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Then, over the last two decades, the rise of the Chinese mainland led to the rise of the Shenzhen mistress, and an increase in the number of ambitious young mainlanders living in the city. Note, however, that there is a big difference between perception of a white spouse versus a black, Asian or Middle Eastern spouse. Hong Kong has long been an exceedingly international city, and given good intentions and a strong relationship, parental approval will generally be found in time.

Hong kong dating scene

The male average is slightly older. Of course, there is no shortage of sincere marriages between local women and foreign men and the other way around, though this seems to be a very small minority of cross-cultural couples. Dating and marriage are fraught subjects in Hong Kong.

Hong kong dating scene

Hong kong dating scene

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  1. Hong Kong is also a place where financially independent people from almost any combination of countries meet and fall in love — there are plenty of Western couples who met here.

    In terms of Western men and local women — the most common combination — the classic problem is of men here for the short-term with no intention of committing, and women who may not realise or believe this.

    Hong Kong, of course, has long had a large marriage pool of foreigners complicating the issue.

    These range from the boisterous banker boys to long-term foreign residents, to less privileged foreign domestic helpers. The older generation often resorts to racial stereotypes, often perceiving whites as culturally superior to other non-Chinese races, and this can be an unpleasant extra layer of difficulty to work through.

    The male average is slightly older. Foreign spouses have the same rights as locals do in terms of property ownership, divorce law and so on.

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