Hook up kirby shampoo attachment

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The unit will move easily in neutral when turned off. Tightly wrap the sandpaper around the bottom of the turbo accessory and tuck the end into the rear clamp and lock. Remove the outer bag by pressing the bag release button on the top of the bag, and rotating the bottom base of the bag away from the unit to remove.

Hook up kirby shampoo attachment

Use the handle to rotate the belt lifter counterclockwise to lift the belt on the shampooer brush roll. There are many tips and tricks using Kirby shampoo but this should be enough if not more than you need to get you started. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us should you have questions not answered online.

Hook up kirby shampoo attachment

Hook up kirby shampoo attachment

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  1. Find the release button on the hanger bar.

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