How bad does piercing your belly button hurt

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Thank you for having such a wonderful website. Whilst there is no hard medical evidence that piercings improve or hinder sexual pleasure, many accounts from people who have these piercings suggest a more exciting experience, which may simply be down to aesthetic stimulation AKA it looks pretty damn hot!

How bad does piercing your belly button hurt

Stretching a piercing can be done at home, all you need is a tapered stretching spike start with a 3mm one and some Vaseline. Tongue Tongue piercings quite often make people cringe! This is purely because they often swell considerably, causing very short-term difficulties with speech, eating and general comfort.

How bad does piercing your belly button hurt

How bad does piercing your belly button hurt

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  1. This piercing is considered pretty middle-of-the-road on the pain scale because it is cartilage and therefore slightly more pressure is required to puncture the hole, which will result in a bit more ouch for your money! Take care Helene, thank you so much for everything, it has been a true pleasure to have been able to message with you like this.

    This piercing, like any other, requires regular salt water washes as per the after care instructions your piercer provides you with. I have also been trying to do this while overseas with work, so the time difference is difficult.

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