How do guys deal with breakups

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In fact, you can take this principle and apply it to your whole life. Understanding that the behavior you were subjected to was influenced by genetics and related to neurological difficulty with emotional regulation can help you accept that although your ex-partner clearly was not capable of treating you as you deserved to be treated, she was not evil, nor was she a common abuser who lured you in with the goal of mistreating you.

How do guys deal with breakups

The knowledge that your ex-partner did not possess the skills necessary to cope with her high emotionality may also help you accept that she is not in her present state equipped to handle a long-term relationship with anyone. Although most nice-guy and nice-girl types are perfectly healthy, this particular combination of traits can make them susceptible to codependency if there is a negative past experience in childhood or early adulthood. It says nothing about you or the relationship you had — and everything about what he needs to feel good about himself.

How do guys deal with breakups

How do guys deal with breakups

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