How do you delete purchased apps

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Notice, iTunes, not itunes. Remove apps and other content At last, click "Start" to start deleting apps from your iPhone permanently. Head to iTunes, sing in to your iTunes Store iTunes password forgot?

How do you delete purchased apps

Scroll down then click View Hidden Purchases. A prompt will appear which you must tap to confirm deletion. Does anyone have detailed instructions for the PC version of iTunes using Jaws?

How do you delete purchased apps

How do you delete purchased apps

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  1. It is a powerful tool that can erase all content and settings permanently from iPhone, iPad and iPod.

    In this example lets hide Squarespace Note app. Click the "X" in order to hide the app.

    In addition, you can also follow the above method to delete an app from the "Mobile Applications" folder as well. And We also develop some high quality applications to provide fully integrated solutions to handle more complex problems.

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